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Our Story

Absolutely Juicy was born out of necessity for owner, Arron Barnes, after having struggled with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for many years. He was diagnosed with IBS while stationed in Korea in 1999 and after years of feeling lethargic, taking prescription medications with nasty side effects and having countless flare-ups, the worst landing him in the hospital where they injected him with 2cc’s of morphine for the extreme pain he was in, Arron had about enough and started looking for a cure.
After searching the internet for “home remedies for IBS” in 2011, he discovered the wonderful benefits of juicing. About a month into his family’s new juice diet, Arron had more energy, slept better and felt less stressed, while his daughter’s eczema had completely cleared up. He found that all of the disruptive symptoms of his IBS had quickly disappeared and that juicing allowed him and his family to live a happier and healthier life. He then began to share his juice concoctions with friends, family and colleagues and everyone loved them. That’s when Absolutely Juicy was born.
Arron has now made it his mission to promote his Absolutely Juicy lifestyle with his delicious, raw, handmade juice, while sharing his own experience of curing his IBS. Arron thrives off of his loyal customer base, asking what their common afflictions are and doing his best to serve their needs through lots of recipe experimentation, deliveries out of his bright orange juice cart and even custom juice orders. Absolutely Juicy has become a community-driven business and Arron is excited to be at the helm of this juice-crazed lifestyle, offering a high quality product that not only improves one’s health, but is absolutely tasty too.


I tried two different blended juices that Arron made for me to sample. The first cup I tried was not only delicious but proved to help cleanse my digestive system and gave me a satisfied feeling for several hours since work can be demanding, I almost forgot about eating. The second sample I tried seemed to help my blood sugar levels throughout the day as I sometimes have hypoglycemic episodes when I don’t get enough of the right nutrition, and l felt lots of energy throughout the day. All in all, the two juice blends tasted fabulous and provided me a feeling of well being that I don’t get from grocery store brands. That are filled with corn syrup based sweeteners and preservatives for shelf life and less adequate nutrition. I would definitely recommend Arron’s fresh squeezed juices to any one that wants the benefits of a healthier life style and the convenience of juice on the run.